Our ethos

This is what we stand for…


Our ethos

This is what we stand for…

We are committed to maintaining a responsible business without compromising functionality and quality of service.

We are working on a series of initiatives to ensure a more sustainable approach to business that minimises impact on our planet.

Zero waste

As of 2019, we’re reducing single use products as much as we can. Where possible, we use custom made covers for our items made in-house, from hardwearing, durable fabric.

But, we understand that pre-production can be intense! That’s why we also offer the service to recycle for you. Simply give your driver any plastic furniture wrap on site and we’ll do the rest. No excuses.

Sustainable products

We pride ourselves on our creativity and that doesn’t stop with our items.

We are committed to supporting sustainability and introducing eco furniture

ranges. We’re particularly proud of our poseur top range made exclusively from 100% recycled plastic materials, exclusive to Hire it.

Are you a sustainable designer? We’d love to hear from you.

Email info@hireit-eventfurnture.com. We are committed to defining our future.

Our footprint

We are working to reduce our business carbon footprint. We logistically plan our daily deliveries to reduce our pollution.